Bio Energy

Biomass is a growing renewable energy source, but has its own set of risks. Based on the last analysis biomass power plants account quite big share of the alternative energy in the United States. This comes as a surprise to many people, because wind and solar energy get all the headlines.

More recently, older power plants, particularly coal-fired ones, are being partially or completely converted to burn biomass. This raises significant risk management and insurance concerns.

Also, larger commercial-scale biomass facilities are being planned in North America and other countries. Those present other challenges, including project financing and fuel-source reliability.

Insurance for Construction / Erection Phase

Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Еrrors & omissions (E&O)

Contractors All Risks insurance

Delay in Start-Up / Advanced Profits Insurance

Goods in Transit Insurance / Marine Insurance

Environmental Liability Insurance

Legal Expenses

Insurance for Operational Phase

All Risks Insurance Cover for Plant / Equipment

Loss of Revenue Insurance (Business Interruption cover)

Legal Expenses

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