Solar Shortfall Insurance Coverage

Solar Shortfall Insurance Coverage makes every solar project more bankable for every financial institution, bank or investor. FirstNRG insurance product protects your installation from additional finance charges due to low performance of the solar project. It may arises from lower than normal sun radiation, unintentional error in calculation of the projected yield, defect or underperformance of the solar installation. Coverage is triggered if actual annual output falls below 90%.

FirstNRG has established a partnership with a leading worldwide insurance companies in order to support our clients needs. Solar Shortfall Insurance Coverage can saves millions of dollars of our clients – investors, developers and asset managers if the solar installation does not produce energy at the specified level of performance and the revenue requirements are not met.

Most of the solar insurance products traditionally covered All risks policy for Property Damage, Business Interruption, Loss of revenue, E&O, D&O, etc.

Additional Coverages for losses:

  • Loss of Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit (FITC)

  • US Treasury Department Renewable Energy Cash Credit

  • Depreciation Tax Shield

  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC)

  • Recipient Contingent Business Income (RCBI)

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